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Standing out from your competitors and ensuring your clients have unwavering confidence in your ability leads to a high performing organisational culture.

Empowering your team to develop relationships based on trust and credibility, and communicate a consistent brand message, helps develop a stronger salesforce that generates greater revenue.


We deliver benefits to your employees, your business and your brand image through a combination of interactive workshops, practical action items, activities and follow-up consulting to embed new behaviours.


Our workshops are designed as a ‘fire hose’ introduction to the negative business impacts that arise when the fundamentals of professionalism are ignored. In equal parts, they are uncomfortable, highly instructive, interactive and fun.



The Right Image + Successful Engagement = Opportunities for Growth


Training your team in the fundamentals of image and first impression management, clothing psychology, personal presence, non-verbal cues and communication, customer engagement, client social skills and understanding behavioural motivators, will lay the foundations for:

  • More client trust and loyalty

  • Greater customer satisfaction

  • Increased customer lifetime value

  • Increased team productivity

  • Happier and more engaged employees

  • Reduced staff turnover

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