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A positive professional image is an essential ingredient for a successful career. Your professional identity precedes you - even before you’ve said a word - and will help you develop and establish a positive reputation.

There’s more than just ‘dumb luck’ to having clothes in your wardrobe that you know will suit you. And understanding the secrets to choosing the right clothes for any occasion is essential know-how for anyone who wants to be successful.


A Personal Image Refresh will help you align your image with your own successful personal brand or style, learn how dressing influences the way you feel and how others react to you.

Body Assessment & Style Consultation

Create your customised style guide – from clothes to shoes and accessories – based on your body shape, weight, age, face shape and physical characteristics.

Professional Image Audit

Disect the personal brand you  project in the workplace – both online and in-person – and be guided on wardrobe, grooming, make-up, accessories, body language, behaviour, voice tone and etiquette.

Know Yourt Style Personality Assessment

Understand your style personality type, how to use it to choose the right clothes for different occasions, and express your personal brand – from boardroom to the bar.

Capsule Wardrobe & Shopping Experience

Build and streamline your perfect wardrobe with brands, styles and cuts that are perfect for your body shape, skin tone, style personality and brand, and save you time and stress every single day.

In-depth Colour Analysis

An In-depth Colour Analysis delivers insight into the most flattering colours and hues for your skin tone, hair and eye colour, and the effect wearing different colours have on your mood and wellbeing.

Wardrobe De-clutter

Ensure your wardrobe is filled with only the clothes, shoes and accessories that are right for you, identifies missing pieces, and provides guidance on how to alter or where to donate the pieces you’re bidding farewell.

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