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I Empower And Challenge My Clients To Excel In The Workplace With Research-based Insight Into Creating Lasting First Impressions, Leveraging Clothing Psychology And Enhancing Client Engagement.

what is image management

Image Management is the art and science of managing a person's appearance to create powerful first impressions that lead to more opportunities and help develop essential soft skills to perform at your peak when these opportunities present themselves. It covers the complete spectrum of appearance, behaviour, communication and digital presence.


In today’s competitive work environment, we need to set ourselves apart - online and offline - to ensure we stand out and thrive.  Presenting a positive and memorable image is the first step towards gaining a competitive edge. Research shows that academic education and technical knowledge are not enough to be successful.


Understanding and managing your image – your appearance, behaviour, and the way you communicate - will give you a competitive advantage over others that will ultimately enhance your reputation and boost your work results.

“How you make people feel after they meet you is more important than what you say. There experience with you becomes your business card.” - Naveen Jain



I uniquely combine experience as an image consultant, executive trainer, teacher, fashion festival organiser and international fashion model, with extensive research on clothing psychology, perceptions, communication and the importance of first impressions.

I help executives, managing directors and their teams enhance their credibility and trustworthiness  to supercharge their performance and reputation in the workplace.


  • Increased their credibility

  • Improved their performance

  • Developed better client relationships

  • Enhanced their confidence & competence

  • Generated more business from their clients


How I Can Help You

"I was so impressed how fast she was and knowledge she had for coaching me on how to visually present myself on video. Jennifer not only discussed what would look good on me but what my goals were, how to accomplish them and how those goals interfaced with style and professional image. Jennifer was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend this service to anyone looking to improve their executive presence on video or face to face."

— Chris Mercer, Co-Founder, REAP Dashboard

"Jennifer helped me to dress for the image I want to project. I needed to update my wardrobe for work and personal environments I used to dread the idea of shopping for myself, perceiving it as chore but with her assistance I enjoyed the session and gave me insights to styles and colours that suit my personality and colour tone. Jennifer has a great eye and is quick to connect clients needs also understands personal branding and brings strong business sense and deep technical understanding of clothing psychology. I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking to improve their image. Thanks Jen!"

— Debbie Freedberg, Director + Interior Designer, Levine Vokaberg


"I found Jennifer to be an astute and stylish branding strategist for those entrepreneurs seeking to create an outstanding first impression. Branding and image go hand in hand, and Jennifer was able to add tremendous value in this domain to the group she presented to. I can highly recommend Jennifer to those seeking to enhance their personal brand and their ability to influence, through creating a professional image of success."

— Leonard Greis, Founder & CEO, Après Vélo

"Thank you Jennifer for your professional, knowledgeable and inspiring styling session at our women in finance networking event recently. Your styling tips and tricks were well received and well delivered by our guests and I personally appreciated hearing your expert insights on how to dress for an image of success. Thank you again, it was a pleasure working you."

— Lynsey Jackson

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